gallery voice art exhibition

gallery voice art exhibition

Ikura Takashi,Omori Kenji,Kato Tsubusa,Kurokawa Toru,Tanaka Tomomi,Nagaoka Chiyo,Nakashima Katsuko,Nakashima Harumi,Hyun Sang Chul


gallery voice art exhibition

This fall, the Gallery VOICE will hold an exhibition called “Shino shino SHINO”
under the sponsorship of the project of International Ceramics Festival ’17 MINO.
This is the 11th occurrence of the Festival, which has been held every three years
since 1986 at Tajimi city.

Shino” ware is one of the eminent glazed potteries originating in Mino area.
With its characteristic features, it is called ‘Shino’ overseas also.
This exhibition introduces four contemporary ceramic artists who, fascinated by
‘Shino’,are pursuing their own creative activities.

gallery voice art exhibition
Kuwata Takuro,Goto Hideki,Sakai Hiroshi,Suzuki Shinji

- Pick UP Artists -
works by Kuwata Takuro works by Goto Hideki
Kuwata Takuro Goto Hideki
Tea Bowl Shino Watatsumi
H14 W16.5 D15 cm Right : H20 W40 D32 cm
Photo by Kenji Takahashi Each:¥200,000(MSRP)
works by Sakai Hiroshi works by Sakai Hiroshi
Sakai Hiroshi Sakai Hiroshi
Dark Blue Shino Vase Dark Blue Shino Jar
H23 W56 D54 cm H45.5 W26 D26 cm
¥800,000(MSRP) ¥800,000(MSRP)
works by Suzuki Shinji works by Suzuki Shinji
Suzuki Shinji Suzuki Shinji
Purple Shino Tea Bowl Nezumi Shino Water Container
H9.5 W13 D13 cm H20.5 W21 D21 cm
¥200,000(MSRP) ¥250,000(MSRP)

gallery voice art exhibition

gallery voice art exhibition

Inaba Chikako,Ogi Takuya,Kato Tomonari,Sato Masayuki,Takatsu Mio,
Takeuchi Shingo,Doi Yosuke,Hata Hisae,Yamaguchi Mio

- Pick UP Artists -
works by Inaba Chikako works by Inaba Chikako
Inaba Chikako Inaba Chikako
vessel of leaf vessel of leaf
H31.5 W76 D45 cm H79 W37 D25.5 cm
¥340,000(MSRP) ¥340,000(MSRP)
works by Ogi Takuya works by Sato Msayuki
Ogi Takuya Sato Masayuki
Form of clay 17-01 Subgenera 17-03
H47 W69 D50 cm H15 W54.5 D25 cm
¥200,000(MSRP) ¥200,000(MSRP)>
works by Takatsu Mio works by Takeuchi Shingo
Takatsu Mio Takeuchi Shingo
WORK-1703 Sekki Vase
H30 W54.5 D36 cm H25.5 W31 D24 cm
¥400,000(MSRP) ¥280,000(MSRP)>
works by Doi Yosuke works by Hata Hisae
Doi Yosuke Hata Hisae
Scene Magura
H88 W90 D50 cm H27.5 W112.5 D28 cm
- ¥325,000(MSRP)
works by Kato Tomonari works by Yamaguchi Mio
Kato Tomonari Yamaguchi Mio
Topological Formation 2017-1 union
H179 W79 D70 cm H69 W53 D48 cm
¥3,240,000(MSRP) ¥420,000(MSRP)
- Artists -
works by Harumi Nakashima
Harumi Nakashima
A Fome Disclosing Absurdities-1405
H105 W53 D46 cm
works by Mio Takatsu works by yuki ando
Mio Takatsu Yuki Ando
work-1201 The delight before dawn 2
H29 W59 D36 cm H120 W70 D65 cm
¥270,000(MSRP) ¥800,000(MSRP)
works by Chiyo Nagaoka works by
Chiyo Nagaoka Masayuki Sato
Appearance of gloss red Bone of Water
H38 W54 D44 cm H28.5 W85 D19 cm
¥500,000(MSRP) -
works by kei wakao works by Eri Umemoto
Kei Wakao Eri Umemoto
Rectangular dish,celadon Boring story breathes
H95 W42 D29 cm H61 W40 D38 cm
reference price ¥700,000(MSRP) ¥300,000(MSRP)
works by Masamitsu Shibata works by Masato Komai
Masamitsu Shibata Masato Komai
bowl, blue and pop dobin(teapot)
H23 W23 D11 cm H15 W11.5 D15 cm
each price ¥100,000(MSRP) -
Photographed by Saiki Taku  
works by Katsuko Nakashima works by Toru Kurokawa
Katsuko Nakashima Toru Kurokawa
hare no utsuwa (festal vessel) Dark continent
H36 W75 D39 cm H63 W60 D58 cm
¥380,000(MSRP) ¥380,000(MSRP)

works by Kenji Oomori works by Hiroshi Sakai
Kenji Oomori Hiroshi Sakai
Vessel to turn Jar,Indigo Shino
H80 W50 D50 H40 φ39 cm
¥300,000(MSRP) reference price ¥800,000(MSRP)
  Photographed by Saiki Taku
works by Kenji Gomi works by Ai Hnazuka
Kenji Gomi Ai Hanazuka
Colored earthnware After the Rain
H94 W40 D32 cm H41 W52 D13 cm
reference price ¥800,000(MSRP) ¥180,000(MSRP)
works by Hyun Sang Chul
Hyun Sang Chul
H65 W45 D75 cm
Photographed by Saiki Taku
works by Kentaro Kawabata works by Daisuke Yamagishi
Kentaro Kawabata Daisuke Yamagishi
Spoon Receptacle of Boundary
H162.5 W33 D31 cm H103 W52 D47 cm
¥1,000,000(MSRP) -

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